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How do I use auto renew?

Subscribing to automatic renewals is fast and easy. To choose it, there are two ways to do it:

If you do not have a live ad yet and you want to opt for it:

  1. Create an ad and when you arrives on the Payment page, a recapitulation of the plans you purchased is appearing on the top of the page under "Your Order"
  2. Below each plan, you have the box "Autorenew"
  3. Click on it and a window will pop-up reminding you of a few important points to know when subscribing to Autorenewal.
  4. When you click on "OK", you accept Vivastreet to take the money from your account directly.

You now don't have to worry when your ad will expire, it will run automatically until you cancel the autorenew option.

If you already have a live ad and purchased other upgrades but you wish to subscribe to the autorenewal:

  1. When you logged into your account you can see the listing of all your ads.
  2. Below the each ad, just under the blue action links (View ad, Modify, deactivate), you will find a small box saying "Automatically renew this option" followed by the option you have chosen.
  3. Please tick the boxes you want to automatically renew. And confirm you wish to opt for it.

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