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What can I post in Property category?

In the Property category you can sell, buy, rent houses. You can select on dropdown menu on the posting page then you will find the Property category listing as written below:


  • Property to Rent
  • Flatshare - Rooms to Rent
  • Property for Sale
  • Land for Sale
  • Garage Storage


  • Office space Shops/Businesses for Sale-let


  • Holidays services
  • Hotels
  • Property Exchange
  • Holiday rentals
  • Overseas property for sale
  • Rent abroad
  • Land for sale abroad

General posting rules

To help you better here is a list of general rules for the Property category:

  •  If you are posting an advert in UK the location should be in the same country otherwise it will be considered as a scam unless in Overseas Properties (Foreign IP)
  •  1 Property is for 1 Advert, More than 1 property per Advert will not be accepted
  •  Must use genuine pictures of your property
  •  If price is £1, the price on your property ad is considered invalid and your ad might be removed

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