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We want you to have a good and secure experience while selling , buying, or renting on Vivastreet. Here are some safety tips that you need considering:

Trust your instincts:

  • If you feel that something is wrong or you are not at ease when doing your visit, then it will have to end it to avoid any issues.

Always meet the person:

  • It is always better to see the user before making any money transfer.

Never visit alone:

  • Never go alone while doing the visit, best bring one or some people with you to make sure that everything is there.

Never call Premium-rate telephone numbers in response to your advert:

  • As there are rates on them, they could draw some money with that if you call them.

Be professional:

  • Do not be impulsive when you see the wonder of the property. Just take time first to analyze before making any decision.

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