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What can I post in Classes category?

  1. In the Music , Acting , Dance category you can post or find an advertisment about vocal coaching, Singing lessons, Instrument tutor, Amature Theatre, Dance & Cheerleading and more.
  2. In the Web design and computer courses category you can post or find an offer about internet tutorials, programing, website development, computer lessons such as Tuition in Word and Excel etc.. and more.
  3. In the Language courses category you can find a teacher or offer individual (one-on-one) lessons and semi-private (small group) classes in multiple foreign languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, and many more.
  4. In the Proffessional Development category you can learn and develop Skills, Offer all kind of management courses. Also maintain professional credentials such as academic degrees to formal coursework, attending conferences.
  5. In the Sports - Wellness - Beauty category you can find or offer Beauty Training Courses, Art Classes, Yoga/Zumba classes, and more.
  6. In the Private lessons category you can post and teach people in private such as Maths on demand, Swim, and more. Also you can find someone to teach you everything you want to learn or those awkward personal matters in private.
  7. In the Other classes category you can find or offer classes beside to those listing already mentioned above

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